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Short, long, hedging: Implement all your investment ideas now with over 375,000 derivatives and a trading flat rate.

Derivatives entail high risks.

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Trade more than 375,000 derivatives

Use over 375,000 certificates, knock-outs, warrants and more in the Scalable Broker. You decide how you trade to protect your portfolio from adverse market movements: from long to short to targeted hedging.

Investment products

With investment products, it is possible to improve the risk-reward profile of your portfolio. Products of this type are usually not leveraged and present a similar or often lower risk than the underlying. Here you can find a selection of available investment products.

Guarantee certificates

Guarantee certificates, also known as capital protection certificates are structured in a way that you get your invested capital back at the end of the term. In addition, you benefit from possible price gains - but within a limited framework.

Discount certificates

Discount certificates allow you to invest in the underlying asset at a discount to the current price. The discount enables you to achieve a positive return even if prices move sideways or fall slightly. The maximum profit, however, is limited and you forego possible dividends.

Bonus certificates

Bonus certificates allow you to achieve a positive return even if prices move sideways. A bonus certificate pays back a bonus amount at the end of the term if the price of the underlying asset has not touched or fallen below a certain barrier during the entire life of the product.

Leverage products

With leverage products, it is possible to profit disproportionately from the price movements of the underlying assets even with small investment amounts. However, high losses are possible due to the leverage effect. In the worst case, a total loss can occur.


With knock-out products, you participate disproportionately - depending on the selected leverage - in price movements of a certain underlying. If the underlying asset falls below the knock-out threshold, the product expires worthless.


With a warrant, you participate disproportionately in rising (call) and falling (put) prices of an underlying asset. The price is also influenced by the volatility and the remaining term of the warrant.

Factor certificates

By buying a factor certificate, you participate in the price development of an underlying asset. Your participation is not 1:1, but disproportionate depending on the factor set.

New: Guarantee certificate certificates from UniCredit


Guarantee certificate on S&P 500 115% (July 2026) in €




Term: 3 years


Participation rate: 100%


Cap: 115%

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Guarantee certificate on EURO STOXX 50 150% (July 2028)




Term: 5 years


Participation rate: 100%


Cap: 150%

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Derivatives: More options for your portfolio






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What are derivatives?

A derivative is a financial instrument whose price depends on the performance of an underlying asset. Underlyings can be, for example, stocks, bonds, interest rates, commodities or foreign currencies. Derivatives can be roughly divided into leverage and investment products.

Asset Derivate PartnerLogo Goldman

Goldman Sachs offers leverage products such as knock-outs, warrants and factor certificates as well as investment products such as bonus, discount and reverse bonus certificates in Germany. Investors can currently choose from around 170,000 products on more than 1,000 underlyings and thus invest indirectly in shares, indices, currencies, interest rates or commodities.

Asset Derivate PartnerLogo HSBC

At HSBC Germany, 30 years of experience in the field of certificates and leverage products result in award-winning investor service, outstanding trading quality and a strong product offering. HSBC Germany was founded in 1785 and is part of the HSBC Group, one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Asset Derivate PartnerLogo UniCredit

UniCredit is a pan-European commercial bank with fully integrated Corporate & Investment Banking. UniCredit Bank GmbH is one of the top issuers in Germany and offers a wide range of products and services. This includes a broad selection of all major product types and underlyings from the asset classes of equities (indices), commodities, interest rates and currencies.

Frequently asked questions

Which derivatives can I trade with the Scalable Broker?

In general, all derivatives of the issuers Goldman Sachs, HSBC and UniCredit onemarkets are tradable via the gettex exchange and can be traded with Scalable Broker, with the exception of bond certificates.

The offer consists of investment certificates, knock-out products and warrants on all known indices, individual stocks, currencies and commodities. Derivatives on bonds are not available.

You can easily find out whether a particular derivative is available by using our derivatives search. Simply enter the security identification number (WKN) or ISIN.

You can find additional helpful information regarding certificates, warrants and trading strategies at our partners HSBC, UniCredit onemarkets and Goldman Sachs.

Is it possible to leverage products on US equities?

In general, all leveraged products on US underlyings are available in our broker, including 871m-relevant products.

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