Tax on investments

Tax-Light with Scalable Capital

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With the help of our tax report, you can easily declare any taxes incurred when investing with Scalable Capital.



The report is prepared by KPMG AG, Zurich / Switzerland, on the basis of data provided by Scalable Capital and following Austrian tax law.


Complete Solution

Across all asset classes and products, whether you have a broker, interest, wealth or crypto portfolio with us. And for all private clients, who are tax residents outside of Germany.*



The tax report is free of charge for all our clients.

*The tax report is available for clients with tax residency in the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy and France.

Notice – Scalable Capital does not provide investment, legal and/or tax advice. If you have specific questions on your tax return, please consult a tax advisor. The tax report does not substitute legal or tax advice and is intended only as an aid to declare investment taxes. Your actions or omissions based on the information in the report are solely your own responsibility.

Should this website contain any information on capital markets, financial instruments and/or other topics related to investments, this is intended solely as a general explanation and does not constitute investment or tax advice. Please also read our risk information and terms of use.