Securities account transfer to Scalable Capital

Now possible for accounts with German IBAN: Transfer single securities or an entire securities account to the Scalable Broker, easily and completely digitally.

If you did not yet provide your tax identification number, it may take a few days before the securities account transfer is available for you.

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Advantages of a securities account transfer

All securities in one place

No fees apply

Total or partial transfer

Digital process without paperwork

If you did not yet provide your tax identification number, it may take a few days before the securities account transfer is available for you.

This is how the securities account transfer works

Simply log in to the Scalable app or on the web and directly start the securities account transfer under Profile > Products > Securities transfer. Here you can also check the status of your transfer after submitting it.

You can find detailed instructions in our blog article "How does a custody account transfer work?".

Would you prefer to transfer your security account to Scalable Wealth, our wealth management offering? You can find all information here.

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Don't have a securities account with us yet?

Simply open a free securities account and then transfer your securities to the Scalable Broker.

Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer an existing securities account to Scalable Wealth?

Yes, with our securities account transfer service, your securities can be transferred easily and free of charge to Scalable Wealth, our wealth management offering. You can find more information here.

If you are interested in a transfer or have any further questions, please contact our team at

How to transfer securities to the Scalable Broker?

You can conveniently initiate the securities transfer via your personal Scalable customer area. A single or total transfer can be started under "Profile" in the "Products" tab. Securities account transfers initiated by your house bank cannot be accepted.

You can find detailed instructions in our blog post.

How long does a securities account transfer take?

Please note that a securities account transfer is a complex process in which several parties are involved and the securities to be transferred may have different depositories. As a result, the transfer may take a few weeks.

Which securities can be transferred?

Only securities that are tradable in the Scalable Broker can be transferred. Also, only whole shares of securities can be transferred, not fractional securities. Employee shares are excluded from the transfer. Please also be aware that we can only accept securities from accounts with a German IBAN.

Why do all securities to be transferred have to be specified, even if a total transfer is started?

To ensure that all securities to be transferred are also tradable in the Scalable Broker, you specify all positions individually. This also applies if you intend to transfer your entire securities account. Securities that are not specified are excluded from the transfer and remain in the selling securities account.

Can securities in custody accounts outside Germany be transferred?

Only transfers of securities in German custody accounts can be accepted, as these are connected to the local settlement and custody services provider called Clearstream.

Can joint or third-party securities accounts be transferred?

The transferring securities account have to be in your name. An incoming transfer from a joint or third-party securities account (creditor change) is not possible.

Why is acquisition data not displayed correctly in the customer area after a securities account transfer?

The display of the acquisition data, according to the deposit documents, may be delayed by a few bank working days after the deposit. In the case of a securities account transfer, all acquisition prices and tax-relevant data are supplied by the transferring bank. These will be accepted and deposited by our custodian bank.

The acquisition values on the deposit receipt are not correct, what is the next procedure?

All acquisition values are delivered by the delivering bank to our custodian bank. You can find the delivered data in the deposit receipts in your mailbox. If the data on the receipts is not correct, please contact the delivering bank in this regard.

How do I start a securities account transfer from the Scalable Broker to another broker?

An outgoing securities account transfer is submitted to Baader Bank via the receiving bank's form by email. Any fractional shares will not be transferred or automatically sold.

If you are submitting a custody account transfer including closing your account, we ask you to independently initiate the sale of any remaining fractional shares and to terminate your account after the securities have been derecognised. To terminate your account, click on "Profile" in the menu bar. In the submenu "Products", you can use the button "Cancel Broker" to initiate the cancellation. After successful termination, your available balance will be automatically transferred to your reference account.

You can enter the details of our custodian bank, Baader Bank, as the relinquishing bank:

Baader Bank AG
Weihenstephaner Str. 4
85716 Unterschleißheim
BLZ: 70033100

Please make sure that the number of securities you have indicated is available in the securities account. In case of a transfer from an individual securities account (Scalable Broker) to a joint securities account at the third-party bank, please make sure that the corresponding information is entered in the form (creditor change). Likewise, it must be ensured that the transmitted document is completely filled out, signed and write-protected (unchangeable/unwritable).

Can securities be sold during an outgoing securities account transfer?

Trading of the securities being transferred is not possible during a securities account transfer.

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