World Portfolio Classic investment strategy

Invest in the whole world with ETFs

Automatically invest in all major world regions as well as bonds and commodities for further diversification. Start building up wealth with a monthly savings amount of €20 or more.

Investments entail risks.

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How the World Portfolio Classic works

The World Portfolio Classic is the optimal ETF portfolio for your globally diversified investment. It contains 7,800 stocks from all investable regions as well as bonds and commodities.

What is the difference to a simple investment in an MSCI World ETF or FTSE All-World ETF?

World Portfolio Classic

Any FTSE All-World ETF

Any MSCI World ETF

Target group

All investors

Self-directed traders

Self-directed traders

Number of companies in the portfolio


~ 3,700

~ 1,500

Emerging Markets

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Tax advantages with US shares1

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Only if ETF with synthetic replication is chosen

Asset classes

Equity, bonds, commodities

Only equity

Only equity

Equity quote2




Extended functionalities of wealth management

Rebalancing, ETF selection3

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Savings plan

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Withdrawal plan

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0.75% p.a. + 0.18% p.a. product costs

Costs for trading and securities account + 0.22% p.a. product costs (Median)

Costs for trading and securities account + 0.20% p.a. product costs (Median)

Invest now

Invest with the Broker

Invest with the Broker

1The World Portfolio Classic invests in synthetic replicating ETFs. Compared to physically replicating ETFs, synthetic ETFs do not pay US withholding tax on dividend payments. This has a positive effect on the return of synthetic ETFs.

2Risk categories make it possible to map the individual risk tolerance in the portfolio. This is done through the selectability of the equity quota in the Scalable Wealth World Portfolio Classic.

3Regular review with regard to composition, diversification, costs, tax efficiency, tracking quality, liquidity and replication. Learn more about our tax optimization.

Portfolio allocation

The World Portfolio Classic invests in equities, bonds and commodities. The higher the equity quota, the higher the returns, but also the risk. When you open a portfolio, you can find out which risk profile is suitable for you with the help of a questionnaire. We offer portfolios with equity quotas from 30 to 100%.

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Asset-World-Portfolio-Classic-90-EN D
Asset-World-Portfolio-Classic-100-EN D

Current investment universe


Asset class

Financial product


Equities U.S.

iShares S&P 500 Swap ETF

Equities Europe

Lyxor Core STOXX Europe 600 ETF

Equities Japan

Amundi Prime Japan ETF

Equities Asia and Pacific Area

L&G Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity ETF

Equities Global (Small Caps)

iShares MSCI World Small Cap ETF

Equities Emerging Markets

iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI ETF

Equities China

Xtrackers CSI 300 Swap ETF

Government Bonds

Government Bonds U.S.

iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10yr EUR hedged ETF

Government Bonds Euro Zone

Invesco Euro Government Bond 1-3 Year ETF

Government Bonds Emerging Markets

VanEck J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond ETF

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds Euro

iShares EUR Corporate Bond 1-5yr ETF

Corporate Bonds (short maturity)

iShares Corp Ultrashort Bonds ETF

Corporate Bonds Euro

Xtrackers EUR High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Corporate Bonds Emerging Markets

iShares JPM USD EM Corp Bond ETF


Commodities Global

Xtrackers BBG Commodity ex-Ag Swap ETF

The costs at a glance

Let us manage your assets. Transparent and inexpensive. Learn more about our costs.

Calculate your costs

Portfolio value



Fee level 1

over €100,000

Fee level 2

over €500,000

Fee level 3

Fee level

Total costs per year

Administration & trading
ETF costs (TER)

Status of product costs: 10 March 2023