Asset Wealth StrategyOverview

Reaching investment goals strategically


Versatile - for every investor type: From globally diversified to strategies with a specific investment focus.


Flexible - change your portfolio's strategy at any time or add more portfolios with different strategies.


Individual - investment strategies tailored to your personal situation, goals, values and preferences - with different risk levels.


Scalable World Portfolios

Simply invest automatically in the whole world. The World Portfolio ESG and the World Portfolio ESG + Gold take into account environmental, social and governmental (ESG) criteria. The World Portfolio Classic, on the other hand, is suitable for an investment without ESG preferences.


World Portfolio

Invest in the whole world: With an ETF portfolio that includes over 7,800 companies as well as bonds and commodities.

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World Portfolio

Globally diversified ETF portfolio that takes into account environmental, social and governmental (ESG) criteria.

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World Portfolio
ESG + Gold

The World ESG strategy supplemented by physical gold and commodities as a possible protection against inflation.

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Strategies meeting specific investment focuses

You can also implement specific investment ideas automatically with a large selection
of different investment strategies, for example climate or value.


The smart alternative to overnight deposits: Automatically invest in corporate bonds and money market ETFs.

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Invest like star investor Warren Buffett with a focus on fundamentally undervalued stocks.

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Invest in long-term future trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and robotics.

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GDP Global

Global equity portfolio weighted by countries' real economic output (GDP).

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Investing money globally in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement - now possible with the Climate Strategy.

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Invest like star investor Ray Dalio: With a robustly compiled global portfolio for every market phase.

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Investing without the hassle

Providing for the future – worryless? Manage assets without spending time? With Scalable Wealth, we do the investing for you. Invest simply, automatically and cost-effectively.

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